Sunday, August 28, 2011

EXCENTRIQUE NOIZ - s/t 7" flexi (1982)


Side A

Side B
Devil Rain

Yoshiro Osone (vocals, guitar)
Takashi Sekine (keyboards)
Shigeo Kanamori (bass)
Mitsuhiro Matsuzaki (drums)

Released: 1982
Label: Noiz Record
Catalogue number: noiz 01
Format: 7" flexi

Lenght: 10:18
Bitrate: 320 kbps

I had originally been planning to post Excentrique Noiz' "Matt Crescent" album, but seeing that the fantastic Systems of Romance blog had already beaten me to the punch I'll treat you with this spectacular flexi instead.

Less synth-centric than their later output, most probably due to this being the only recording featuring vocalist & guitarist Yoshiro Osone fronting the band rather than keyboardist Takashi Sekine. I have to admit I wasn't too convinced by this upon initial hearing, but the damned thing turned out to be a monstrous grower and nowadays I'd claim it to be my absolute favorite Japanese new wave record.

Side A's "Monochrome" is a nice, keyboard-focused track with some pretty interesting drum patterns, but it's on the flipside that the real magic happens.

Appropriately starting off with some rain and thunder, "Devil Rain" launches into some hard driven new wave; it's verses propelled by clockwork-precise rhythm-section and chugging back-beat guitar and it's refrains somewhat surprisingly zooming out into blissful keyboard universes. An especially exquisite section is the breakdown with subsequent solo starting around the four minute mark - everything just jells beautifully here.

Perhaps not really what you'd expect after hearing "Matt Crescent" or "Dark Crystal Day" , and maybe not an instantaneous hit. Nevertheless, I cannot give this single anything but my highest recommendations.



frankie teardrop said...

Wow, thank you very much for posting this! Very much appreciated!

soundhead said...


Can you post the Basara 'Ma!/Raga 1984' flexi?


Greg said...

Thanks a lot! I found the other releases from them on Frankie's blog. Nice to find your page :)

The B Side is very reminiscent of Ultravox! Cool stuff indeed.

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