Sunday, October 17, 2010

Habit of Tumblr/Tumblr of Sex

Taking a cue (i.e. swiping an idea) off of the great KURUTTA blog - here is the Habit of Sex Tumblr! Kind of a light version of this blog; my intent is to provide some tasty tidbits of Japanese underground to tide you over while waiting for the ever so irregular posts at this blog to appear. I hope you'll enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Will you be posting the whole of Tomo Akikawabaya - The Castle ?
Please do!
thanks for everything, i love this blog

Anonymous said...

hello, what a wonderful song, is Mr. AKIKAWABAYA who is also behind "beata beatrix" ,a fantastic LP that I used to listen before losing it? thanx a lot for all ...

nattliga_toner said...

> rus
As always, thanks for the kind words and continued support!

We'll see about "The Castle". My computer went bust recently, so I'm using a borrowed laptop at the moment. In addition to it being a bit sluggish, I'm not too sure the original owned would like to have it crammed with ripped records. So at the moment I'll mainly be doing rips of single tracks for the tumblr.

> Anonymous
Never even heard of "Beata Beatrix", but it sounds pretty intriguing! Could you tell me a little bit more about it?

Anonymous said...

about Beata Beatrix
I just send you links
will you say something about that...

c.patera said...

nattliga: i actually just ripped Diamond/Dream of No Pillow. would you want me to do a complete post of it and The Castle too?

Beata Beatrix... I want to hear it!!

c.patera said...

wow, I have the gilles de rais/phadia flexi, but I had NO idea there was any relation to pale cocoon!

nattliga_toner said...

Yeah, I didn't realize that either until I got the GdR single. The lineup is almost the same as on the Pale Cocoon 7".

The single doesn't really sound like either PC or the track on the flexi though ...but rather like a less focused version of Funeral Party or something. Pretty neat, but not worth the price of the one up on discogs IMHO.

Anonymous said...

"The Castle" would be wonderful!

Jack Celliers said...

Amaaaazing blog. Great stuff and excellent reviews.

Big thanks!

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