Monday, September 20, 2010

Momoyo - 百夜独演音曲集 3 EPs (1985-1986)


聖家族 [Hijiri Kazoku]

Side A
聖家族一 [Hijiri Kazoku Ichi]
逆髪 [Gyaku Kami]
聖家族二 [Hijiri Kazoku Ni]

Side B
リサ [Risa]
事件 [Jiken]

虚空遍歴 [Kyokuu Henreki]

Side A
虚空遍歴 [Kyokuu Henreki]
マモノマチ I [Mamonomachi Ichi]
マモノマチ II [Mamonomachi Ni]

Side B
マモノマチ III [Mamonomachi San]
キ・カ・イ・マ・チ [Ki・Ka・I・Ma・Chi]

空花 [Sora Hana]

Side A
メフィスト俳優ノ孤独 [Mefisuto Haiyuu No Kodoku]

Side B
空花 [Sora Hana]

Momoyo a.k.a. Yosuke Sugawara (vocals, synthesizer, programming)
Kazuhiko Wakabayashi (bass)

Released: 1985, 1985, 1986
Label: Tea Ceremony Records (Telegraph Records)
Catalogue number: TEA-01, TEA-02, TEA-03
Format: 7" EP

Total Length: 38.6 Minutes
Bitrate: 320 kbps

By request, here are the 3 EPs released by Momoyo after dissolving Lizard, the leading group of the "City Rocker" punk movement.

I'll let the music mostly speak for itself, but you can probably glean from the covers that this is leagues away from Lizard, stylistically speaking. In fact, Momoyo here seems to be sipping from the same stream as Yoran during his "Love Bitterness" days, as this features a similarly gaudy, over-produced brand of electro-pop. Immaculate and highly recommended!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Wow. Last time I remember this blog hadn't been updated in a while...Now there is so much stuff to sift through!

One of my favorite Japanese bands from 80's is Chance Operation. 2 of their singles are available from the ragpath blog, but there is a quite a bit more material like the "Kasper Hauser Now" and "Hiroshi" singles that haven't shown up yet. I think they are out on current CDs, so it might only be a matter of time...

But speaking of rare, have you ever heard of a single called "Painted Girl" by PUCKAGE????

c.patera said...

Thanks for your comment c.bren!

I'll be posting some Chance Operation stuff over at my own blog, Stalking Duppi, sometime in the future. A few things that Ragpath doesn't have.

I know of the Puckage single, but haven't heard it. Is it shared anywhere...?

By the way, I checked out your blog. Your work is really beautiful! Congrats on getting in Kakuh. You should email me ( if you have any mini-comics, zines, or stuff you appear in for sale.

Anonymous said...

That's great news, I'm VERY excited to see more by Chance Operation.
Definitely no sign of the Puckage single as far as I know. I've seen the cover, but I don't know anything else about it. I found it listed on some Japanese auction when I was searching about Viola Renea, whom I haven't heard anything by either.
Thanks for your interest in my comics. I do plan to make a few issues of Kakuh available through my site, so I'll keep you posted!

nattliga_toner said...

>c. bren

I've got a LP with Viola Renea that I'd been meaning to share on this blog. But I gave it a spin recently and unfortunately one of the tracks skips (it hasn't done that before). Hopefully this is just some dirt that's gotten into the grooves and should clear up with some proper cleaning. Not sure how I should describe the music - kinda mellow, eastern-tinged new wave ...pretty good actually.

Heh, I think I bought some stuff from the seller that had the Puckage 7" up for grabs ...sadly not that particular single though.

PS. Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

oh man thank you, this was my request, downloading now!!! thank you again

c.patera said...

Yeah, hope you it's everything you dreamed!

nattliga & c.bren,
Which LP is that with the Viola Renea? They have 2 releases on Kageroh. One is a split with Halations. I don't have that one, but I think I have the other, haha. I'll post it sometime. I'm trying to remember what it sounded like, but I might be getting them confused with the band Klara Circus...

Anonymous said...

c.patera: I haven't heard anything by Viola Renea one way or the other, but the one I had seen on auction with the Puckage single was Kageroh0005- "セイレイ舞踏", a 7" - definitely not anything you don't know about

I haven't heard anything at all on Kageroh except for the Portray Heads single, but I'm a big fan of Neo Museum (I've talked to a couple of the musicians from Neo Museum and Mental Disorder through their website / youtube) and I've always wanted to hear the rest of the Aura/ Aurora compilations.

As far as it goes with this kind of music, there are more releases that I can only dream of hearing than there are in any other field of music that I like (because I mostly listen to crass pop music...) There are so few sites dedicated to sharing this music online...which makes what you are doing here all the more valuable.

Anonymous said...

*Kageroh: oh yeah, and the After Dinner flexi that was shared on Mutant Sounds...

nattliga_toner said...

> c. patera

The LP is called "Syuguira Lady" and was released on Fantin Latour Records (who also put out BC Lemons and another act which I forget right now). From what little I've heard from their Kageroh releases, they seem to sound quite different than the LP.

> c.bren

Thanks for the kind words! I trust you've checked out Stalking Duppi already? Even cooler stuff to be found there!

As for Kageroh, they put out some really great stuff. Like everybody else I'm keeping an eye out for the Portray Heads flexi (wouldn't mind getting the EP either) ...I've got this flexi by a band called "He Was" (Kageroh 0004 ...I think you have it too, patera?). Tribal drumming coupled with some eerie atmospheric stuff.

What's Neo Museum like? I've been curious by them but haven't managed to hear anything by them yet (surely because of pure laziness).

c.patera said...

That's the one I was thinking of. I'm sure I'll upload that eventually. The rest of the Kageroh discography sounds pretty interesting. Puckage is Kageroh0002, then the After Dinner single, followed by the He Was flexi that nattliga and I both have (it sounds kind of like Dome, maybe?). "Aura Music" is a split-label release with Zero Records, whom I'm more well-versed in.
Very interesting that you've contacted Neo Museum. I've also contacted some J-80's artists with the hopes of reissuing their music, though nothings panned out yet.

Ah yeah, they released a Salon Kitty LP. I'm somewhat interested in hearing that BC Lemons 7". I actually have a late 80's CD from them where they're pretty "alternative rock"-ish.

Anonymous said...

Neo, from Neo Museum, has made the 12" by the band as well as their tracks from the Aura compilation available on his site. Here and here (one of the tracks is Real Audio only, unfortunately)

Another member of the band (or possibly Neo, under a different name) has some related material on their youtube channel, including the original versions of two of the songs on the Neo Museum 12" performed live by their earlier band Mental Disorder (one of them covered by EP-4 also— the 12" is produced by Kaoru Sato)...those videos are really great. Rocketwerke is another related band. Not sure about any released recordings by Mental Disorder, although there is this live recording, but there are some Rocketwerke recordings in real audio format elsewhere on that site. Neo Museum is an exceptional band, really eerie female-led technopop with a "faux ethnic" theme. Mental Disorder would seem to be pretty similar based on the live video and audio recordings.

From Oroshibe:
Hi Carrie thank you message.
So, I was a member of 'Mental Disorder' and 'Neo Museum'.
In 80's, I was offered the song
["Moonlight"] to 'Neo Museum' and 'EP-4'.
In 90's I was a member of 'Rocket Werke'.
My instrument was keyboards.
Now, I am a computer engineer and I do music is a hobby.
but still,I love music.
please upload music to listen sometimes.

I've been wanting to reissue some of this material, too! I work with Feeding Tube Records. So far it hasn't happened and the language barrier is part of it. It's unrelated to Japanese music, but you might be interested in the "Pimania" reissue that I put together, which is on that site and reviewed here.

I had no idea that the Puckage single was on Kageroh, since the Kageroh discography I am looking at only lists the title in Japanese. Interesting!

I'd be really excited if the He Was single shows up on either of your blogs some time in the future. I'm pretty sure that this is the Portray Heads flexi on Kageroh? The other release, "Oratorio," would be the one that's unaccounted for...

Anonymous said...
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c.patera said...

Wow, thanks for all the info! I had seen some of those youtube videos, but I didn't know about Neo's website. Plenty of great stuff.

The Pimania album... I own it. It blew my mind! Certainly one of the best albums of the past year. I can't believe you worked on that! My Pi-Man mask is still un-constructed. Damn my minty collector habits!

About the He Was flexi: one of us will upload it, definitely. In the meantime, check out the Lewisite 7" that I put up tonight!
And Portray Heads: yes, "Elaborate Dummy" is the one on Kageroh. "Oratorio" is on a label called "Label Land 4th" that I know absolutely nothing else about, though the catalog # suggests they released others. I'll ask my knowledgeable Japanese friend about it...
Little known fact: Portray Heads actually released a cassette 1 year after the "Oratorio" single. It's also titled "Oratorio", but I doubt it's a cassette reissue. Also, apparently Portray Heads rose from the ashes of another band called "Onanie Bazooka". Sigh... don't you just love diving into obscurity??

Bonus fun facts: It seems, upon closer inspection, that Kageroh was owned and operated by Imamura Kuhki of Viola Renea. This is possibly the website of a former member, but I really cant tell at all:

Anonymous said...

Hi C. Patera
That really blows my mind that you already have the "Pimania" record. Yep, that was my labor of love. With some luck, I'll be able to follow it up with some even more obscure archaeology into British computing history of that time. The pop/electronic project, H.E.X. (House Electronic Xperience), is another musical project that existed only in the form of bonus tracks on computer cassettes, this time on Amstrad CPC and Commodore as well as Spectrum, on the "Power House" label. There are at least 14 or 15 cassettes including songs that I know of so far, and I have heard only 5 of them.
There is a comic book coming soon that will pay tribute to H.E.X. with an accompanying cd including a few choice tracks, along with some music by Bene Gesserit...but if I ever track down the artist (I thought I had a promising lead recently, but it seems like it's a different Wayne Allen) as well as the tapes themselves, maybe there will be a comprehensible reissue.
For now I recommend this track...
Just listened to the Lewisite 7", thank you! That's very tantalizing regarding the Portray Heads cassette...

Anonymous said...

...should be "BeNe GeSSeRiT"...of course!

-Arnie- said...

can you upload THE OTHERSIDE or SPEED-iD's "iD THE M・A・S EDITION"? ^^

CitizenSwift said...

@c.bren The H.E.X track on the B-Side of "Barrier Reef", a 1987 game for the Amstrad is contained in the zip file you can download from here:

ataneila said...

new link, please?

Anonymous said...

new link, please?

Anonymous said...

yes! please re-up!

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