Saturday, November 21, 2009

Madmans revenge

After nearly a year (eep!) of inactivity, I now have the supreme pleasure of announcing that HABIT OF SEX is finally resuming its activities!

The focus of this blog will be on Japanese independent music of the 80:s and early 90:s. The scope of the music posted will be wider than the previous incarnation of the blog and the selection will be based purely on the taste and whims of myself and my colleague Zeroism.

It is our intention that all the music posted is out of print and thus not readily availiable. Any artists, labels or copyright holders are encouraged to get in touch should they want any material taken offline. Also, knowing that there are tons of knowledgeable persons out there, I would be eternally grateful for any comments, corrections or information regarding the stuff that'll be posted here.

Finally, if you enjoy some of the music posted here, do consider aquiring the actual records for yourself. Apart from supporting some awesome record dealers (see the [soon to be expanded] list on your right) no .MP3 or .FLAC or whatever kind of computer file can beat the sensation and thrill of having and hearing the original record.

Thank you and please enjoy!


zytroop said...


Anonymous said...

wow, finally the community is active again, glad to see this ^^, welcome back dear ^__^

Ikebukuro said...

wow!!! tanks for returns!!

nattliga_toner said...

Thanks for the kind words everybody!

João Pedro Andrade Coelho said...

thats just awesome, I missed this blog so much, what about the old posts? I loved the reviews

nattliga_toner said...

Hi João, thanks for the comment!

It is my intention to repost at least some of the previous posts, however with edited and (hopefully) improved reviews.

Anonymous said...

it was one of my most favorite blog.
I've take from here the Roses of Dead Essences album.

nattliga_toner said...

Hi moroschiele ...thanks for the kind words!

Glad to hear you enjoyed the ROSES OF DEAD ESSENCES album I posted ages ago. I've managed to get hold of a 3" CD-single they released in conjunction with a tour in -97, which will be forthcoming on the blog.

Nice livejournal btw! Quite impressed by your Luna Sea collection.

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