Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Radio Insane - Rain / Salt 7" (1985)

Rain/Salt 7" (1985)


Side A

Side B

Koji Nakayama (vocals)
Naoaki Nakayama (guitar)
Atsushi Usuda (bass)
Mai Kazuki (drums)

Released: 1985
Label: Uplink Records
Catalogue number: UPS-01
Format: 7" single

Lenght: 08:38
Bitrate: 320 kbps

This is the second single by fairly obscure and sadly unsung band Radio Insane. They also released a 7" flexi (the bewildering but disappointing "Complete" flexi) and appeared on a couple of compilations during their existence; their killer cut on "Process of Evolution vol. 1" being particulary noteworthy. That being all I know about the band, let's skip right ahead to the music. Any additional information would of course be very welcome.

Not sure if there's too much to say about the music either - two solid tracks that speak for themselves just fine. Although dark and brooding in nature; a certain hard-to-put-your-finger-on kind of ambiguity permeats the proceedings, particulary on the almost bouyant B-side.

But first up is the pummeling steamroller of a track that is "Rain". Consisting more or less by an austere riff repeated again and again (minimal goth?); the grim grind churned out by the band provides a ten foot concrete foundation for vocalist Koji Nakayama to lay out his lamentations. Otherwise, drummer Mai Kazukis steady yet slightly off-kilter performance stands out. Watch out for the little bass-breaks that shatters the compact dusk for just a moment. Heavy stuff.

As spartan as "Rain" is, as dionysian is the flipside "Salt". Whereas the previous track stood rooted firmly in position, "Salt" is all over the place - the giddying bass and drums providing a dizzying momentum while the guitar scratches along post-punk style. That sense of ambiguity mentioned earlier is perhaps most prominent here - a creeping sense of dread undermines the otherwise relatively up-beat and whimsical nature of the song; in no small part due to the vocals being delivered with excellent ambivalence of emotion.

My copy of this record is a bit beat up so there's some annoying crackling to be heard despite my attempt to clean it. I hope you'll enjoy anyway!


LilliesAndRemains said...

Luv u <3

Anko said...

Thank you very much for so many excellent albums. I truly appreciate your efforts. And I hope maybe someday I will find here a few ZELDA works. =) Once again, great job! =)

Ikebukuro said...

OH!! wow!! great's!! I' love the band!! tank's !!!!

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