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MARDIGRAS - Changes 7" flexi (1991)


Changes 7" flexi


Side A

Hiroki Okano (vocals, manipulate)
Tatsuhiro (vocals, bass)
Kyuma (guitar)
MU-U (keyboards, manipulate)
TANO (drums)

Released: 1991
Label: Rockin'F
Catalogue number: E-8625(S)
Format: 7" flexi-disc

Lenght: 03:48
Bitrate: 320 kbps

Now that the hectic hysteria of christmas is finally behind us, it's time for posts here on HABIT OF SEX to become a bit more regular. I'd like to continue on the electronic path we set upon with the previous post and post the entire (to my knowledge) discography of early 90s band MARDIGRAS. First up is this single-sided flexi-disc that came as a freebie to a 1991 issue of music magazine Rockin'F.

Under the guise of "Cyber Gothic Punk" (I can definitely hear the cyber and the gothic - the punk part is to me more obscured) MARDIGRAS produced a very compelling brand of electronic-based visual (kei/new) wave during their short existance. Drummer Maasaki Tano came from DEAD END (he played on their debut album, "DEAD LINE") and guitarist/bassist Tatsuhiro previously played in a band called Halem Deads.
The sole song featured here is quite the catchy number. At the core of the tune is a metallic bass-pulse (which I sincerely doubt is being played by a real bass, which the sleeves credits implies) around which swashbuckling guitars swerve and blasts of synthesized choirs erupt. Taken together with the delightfully mannered vocals and the semi-motorik beat provided by the drums we're left with an irresistable slice of wave-y ear candy.

Apart from this flexi, MARDIGRAS also released a mini-album called "Gaia" - an awesome little injection of aural adrenaline that will follow very, very shortly. Stay tuned!

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