Saturday, June 19, 2010

Roses Of Dead Essences - 97.8.2 On Air West - Tour Neo Crisis '97 Final 3" CD (1997)

97.8.2 On Air West - Tour Neo Crisis '97 Final

01. LOVE <razor blade mix>
03. Emergence

Released: 1997
Label: Capricieuse Zibakllarge
Catalogue number: ZWX-02
Format: 3" CD

Lenght: 9:43
Bitrate: 320 kbps

Continuing in the same vein as the previous post; here's some more promo-only visual kei rarities.

As some of you might remember, I posted ROSES OF DEAD ESSENCES album "FALL" way, way back ago in the previous incarnation of this blog. Being a thoroughly enjoyable (if perhaps not very groundbreaking) electronic take on mid-90:s visual kei; this little obscure freebie serves as a great compliment to the aforementioned album.

This was given away during the end of a 1997 tour held at Shibuya venue "On Air West". By this time the band had extended into a four-piece with the addition of a bass-player; unfortunately one whose name I've yet to see mentioned at all anywhere. Released on the unpronouncable imprint "capriceuse zibakllarge" - one of those labels (along with Syndicate Records [DIE-ZW3E], Randis Records [SAKRUN] and others) dealing mainly with one band ...or perhaps even run by the band itself. Information is as usual scarce. Further supporting this theory is the packaging of this giveaway single; the 3" and its casing rests sandwiched between two brittle sheets of photocopied paper. Total DIY vibes dudes!

I'm guessing this is a somewhat rare artefact, taking into consideration that ROSES OF DEAD ESSENCES seemed to be a bit of a marginal presence on the livehouse scene. I, at least, have yet to see another copy floating around apart from the one I'm sharing with you now. Were I to estimate, I'd wager this release was of an edition of perhaps 200-500 copies or so.

By the way, for those curious in hearing ROSES OF DEAD ESSENCES debut "FALL" - and I do recommend that you give it a listen or two - you can now find my original rips over at Evil-en-Lucifer.


Ikebukuro said...

Great !!! band!!! pleasse!! mor gothic! XD!!! more music madame edwarda!! and AUTO-MOD!! pleasse!! tantk's!!! BYE!!

Luiz said...

Nice add!
A while ago FALL hit me so hard I got stuck listening only to it.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to assume you upload what you want and don't take requests (which is perfectly reasonable, since if you took requests you'd upload the same thing over and over), buuuut, please if you have ANYTHING by Madame Edwarda besides the Lorelei 12", at least consider uploading it.

It's impossible to find ANYWHERE else on the web, and some of us don't have any way to afford records, or any way to play them.

I don't meant to sound bossy. Anything you upload is good. =)

Keep up the good work brahz

nattliga_toner said...

Haha, thanks! More gothic coming up!

Glad to hear you liked it! And yeah, FALL is indeed a great record.

Thanks for the comment! Actually, I'm not opposed to requests; it's interesting to see what people are looking for. The thing is that the stuff requested thus far (with the exception of more Wechselbalg stuff; which'll be coming up sometime next week) is stuff I don't have in my collection (not yet, anyway).

When it comes to Madame Edwarda - there's been a bunch of stuff posted on YouTube ...perhaps you've checked it out already, otherwise:

LilliesAndRemains said...

Hey, I'm the rambling anonymous guy from earlier. =)
Yeah, I saw their youtube stuff (that's where I first fell in love with them, I think), but thanks.

Anyway, I don't need Madame Edwarda specifically, it's just that they're one of the more popular Japanese goth bands that I don't have much by.
But honestly, anything gothic that isn't already everywhere else on the internet would be awesome.

So, as Ikebukuro said: MORE GOTHIC!